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False Creek

The reclamation of industrial land transforms an old-time Vancouver area to a picturesque and prized waterfront for all.

False Creek is one of Vancouver’s most picturesque and upcoming waterfront neighbourhoods.

In anticipation of the Winter Olympics of 2010, the formerly barren southeast False Creek area was transformed into a Village of modern thinking, ecological sensitivity and community interaction.

False Creek can proudly boast some of the most well-known areas of Vancouver including Granville Island & the Olympic Village.

The endless seawall offers one of the most perfect walking, jogging, biking, and rollerblading venues in Canada. The waters of False Creek through the False Creek Racing Canoe Club offers courses and races in dragon boat, kayaking, outrigger boats, surfski and marathon canoe. The annual Dragon Boat Festival in False Creek is one of the premier Dragon Boat Festivals in the world and attracts teams from all over the globe.

Shopping is anchored by the world famous crown jewel, Granville Island.

Wholly owned and managed by the federal government, Granville Island is a mixture of art studios, design studios, performance art organizations, restaurants, lounges, a small hotel, and the well known and jam-packed Granville Island Public Market. Granville Island exudes creativity, lifestyle, community and individuality and extols at all times the beauty of its surroundings. The one thing you will not find on Granville Island is a big box store or any large corporate franchises. The government has decided that the corporate philosophy of these enterprises does not fit in with the community spirited mandate of the “island”.

What started as housing for the 2010 Olympic athletes, has blossomed to one of the most coveted areas in Vancouver.

One of the world’s greenest communities, Vancouver’s Olympic Village was built
to house the athletes of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics. Positioned southeast
of False Creek in Vancouver, this bustling community is home to some of the city’s newest, up-and-coming restaurants and craft breweries. 

For everyday needs, the new Olympic Village development is home to a liquor store, major grocery store, London Drugs, dry cleaners and Subway. The recently opened Terra Breads situated right on the edge of the Olympic Village Plaza, along with the seawall overlooking all of downtown, has helped False Creek become the vibrant new meeting place and hub of this amazing development.

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