False Creek

The incredible transition from industrial land to a stunning waterfront community is nothing short of amazing.

Seaside living at it's best!

False Creek is one of Vancouver’s most picturesque and vibrant communities.

The area has a distinct and charming character, offering stunning views and fantastic recreation space, and a very active seawall that borders the northern part of the neighbourhood. It’s also home to some of Vancouver’s top local spots including Granville Island and Olympic Village, a community that was once the hub for athlete accommodations for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The seawall outlines the southern part of False Creek and provides a stunning pathway system that gives locals and visitors an incredible place to run, bike or walk while overlooking the stunning downtown core & north short mountains.

False Creek is home to one of the premier Dragon Boat Festivals in the world. This annual event is a favourite for both locals and visitors and attracts some of the top international dragon boat team.

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