Historic but modern.

One of the oldest loft buildings in Calgary, giving you a true New York style loft feed.  This is Lewis Lofts. 

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Lewis Lofts

240 – 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB

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The former home of the Ashdown Hardware Co. and later purchased by Lewis Stationary Ltd., this building boasts over 100 years of history.

Built In 1911

built in 1910 by the Ashdown Hardware Company. Converted in 1995

6 Stories

12 foot ceilings and 4th floor arched windows.

59 Units

Sizes range from 740 square feet to 1,172 square feet with most suites being about 1,000 square feet.


Common use deck, outdoor space, gazebo, barbeque and picnic tables.















Built in 1910 for the J.H. Ashdown Hardware Co. in 1910, this warehouse space remained a store for Ashdown’s overstock until the Lewis Stationery company purchased the building in 1972.

In 1995 it became another addition to Calgary’s loft developments. The Lewis Lofts have been described as being offbeat to elegant and earthy to modern with each loft’s design and feel taking cues from the personality living there. Bright, open living spaces, vistas onto all four points of the city and exposed industrial elements equate to an incomparable night in while a buzzing central location where the possibilities are limitless lead to an unparallelled evening out.  

This historic building that offers owners wide-open spaces, 12-foot-high wood-beam ceilings, and some original brick feature walls. There are 59 suites plus 60 basement storage lockers and 60 assigned indoor parking stalls. Sizes range from 740 square feet to 1,172 square feet with most suites being about 1,000 square feet.

Interior Finishings

Evolution Fuse boasts incredible finishes in every unit, from high end appliances in the kitchen to incredible bathroom finishes that create a tranquil modern feel for residents. Inside the Guardian units you’ll find a lot of specific finishes that you would expect from a luxurious building, including:

Building Amenities

Evolution Fuse offers a lot of lifestyle amenities for residents including:

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240 – 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB

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